Godsman artist (artiste?) whose path to ascension would seem to lie through pretentious obnoxiousness.


Bard 1


The Godsmen love stories and histories that glorify previous Believers of the Source, chronicling the adventures of such heroes who have passed on into legend and possibly even divinity. As such, there is always a place among the Godsmen for a skilled bard who can, through poetry or prose, song or speech, render such tales vivid and alive.

Haque is not one of those bards. Rather than performing, he tends to spend all of his time in solitary practice, working on a piece for solo lute entitled “Four Thirty-Three” that apparently doesn’t involve any music at all. He is prickly when questioned about the nature of his music, and only insists that he is close to achieving a god-like mastery of the piece. Alternately, he can be heard to complain about how such dull-souled individuals as tend to comprise his audiences could never hear the difference between two half-rests and a whole rest, and how then can he be expected to toss pearls before fhorges?

Random and Haque have something of an adversarial relationship. While the two bards have taken very different tacks in cultivating their respective skills, they are often drawn into proximity at the Foundry. Haque is highly critical of Random’s artistic sensibilities, and accuses the doppelganger of selling out by performing with actual sounds.

Physically, Haque is a human male in his late twenties. His face is clean shaven, the better to show off his aesthetically sunken cheeks, and his short black hair is swept up into a fauxhawk. He has never been seen to smile.


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