Factor of the Godsmen and Master of Novices, this giant bears a fond compassion for all living things...and a burning desire to affix a spike to every available surface.


“Ombidias has the size, large head, and prominent jaw of the voadkyn, but the disposition of a sage hornhead saurial. He weighs his words carefully, speaks slowly, and comes to decisions only after long internal debate. The tribe he once served as shaman on the obscure prime world of Glemayne ceased to exist more than 50 years ago, when the world was overrun by hellcats and hordlings at the behest of a baatezu lord. Ombidias found himself taken prisoner and locked away in the iron city of Dis. He survived unspeakable tortures but escaped, convinced that his clan needed him now more than ever. In fact, all had died.

“Ombidias wished he had gone with them. He thought of returning to Baator to put as many of his gaolers into the dead-book as be could before they wrote him his own page. However, his giving voadkyn nature and his shaman’s instincts would not allow it. Instead, be decided to dedicate the rest of his life to serving the downtrodden, the undervalued of the multiverse. He left the ruins of Glemayne forever, ensconcing himself in Sigil (through which he bad passed during his escape) and joining the Believers of the Source. His work with the memories of his tribe has meshed well with the aims of the faction. Many Godsmen expect him to become the next factol, after Ambar evolves into a power.

“The 9-foot wood giant has a somber face and skin so dark brown, it looks black. Draped in the deep green and black robes he prefers, Ombidias cuts an imposing figure, but in conversation he seems more approachable. His warm manner and compassion endears him to all.” —from The Factol’s Manifesto

Ombidias is the master of novices among the Godsmen. Benevolent and paternal, he advises the namers among the Believers of the Source, providing suggestions or cautions as necessary. His hand is gentle; he knows that the path to apotheosis takes a different form for each individual, and so refrains from giving overt orders or harsh reprimands.

He takes his duties as factor seriously, overseeing the work at the Foundry even as he oversees the efforts of namers and factota. In his office as manager of the Foundry, he shows an unfortunate obsession for putting unnecessary spikes on any manufactured item, including spoons, bed frames, and toilet seats.


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