Hapless tiefling junk vendor whose apartment happens to hold a portal to the Land of Blue Sand.


Anxos is an junk vendor who drinks himself senseless at the Styx Oarsman, toils away in a twenty-year apprenticeship, and thinks about how much better life would be if every last structure (metaphorical or literal) in the stinking city of Sigil were to burn to the ground (metaphorically or literally). He is unloved even by the other tieflings of the Sandstone District, being sullen and unfriendly. Hampered by a patent lack of social skills, he is further hampered by a complexion that runs to the yellow color of an old bruise, splotched with purple spots like fresh bruises.

In one of those weird quirks that is de rigueur in Sigil, an intermittent portal to a forgotten Prime Material world has opened up in the floorboards of Anxos’ apartment in the tiefling enclave that is the Sandstone District of the Clerk’s Ward (also known as Little Gehenna). He refused all offers from the various Factions, the Godsmen among them, to allow access to his apartment for the purposes of making the portal available to inspection. He derives some small measure of bitter satisfaction from actually having something that others want and then withholding it from them.


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