Chloe Windstar

Athletic Elven-Tiger Shifter begins a new life in a new plane...


Ability Scores

Str: 18
Con: 15
Dex: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 10


AC: 19
Fort: 16
Ref: 13
will: 12



Chloe comes from the clan Windstar, which makes its home on one of the Grand Plains of her world. The clan is know for its ferocity in combat and has established honor among people who know its name. The Clan leader was a very calculating man, and measured a person’s worth by the abilities they possessed. If there was every a dispute among members, he would be the one to put an end to it. The clan was primarily known for its speed and its feats in acrobatics, and used that to its advantage in many fights. Creatures from all over would marvel at their displays of athleticism.

Chloe was born into a well-to-do branch clan of the Windstar, mostly skilled with hunting and farming. She grew up helping with the hunting, and doing most of the heavy lifting. Due to this intensive work, she ended up much larger and stronger than her clans-people. However, she ended up not being as acrobatic as the Shifters in the main clan, and has troubles preforming the simplest of maneuvers.

Because of her large build and wanting to do more of the male’s work, she was criticized by many for not doing what would have been stereotypical of the female Shifters (cooking, hunting with a bow, wanting to have a family). She also stood much taller than most, which made stealth missions for food gathering difficult for her, leading to many mishaps and angry confrontations with her male counterparts.

One of her mentors, Pontos, was one who saw past her physical form and saw someone with potential. He had been training her since her early youth, and Chloe has been mighty proficient with the bladed weapons. She had developed exceptional skill with the longsword. Pontos, upon seeing her develop, entrusted her with his first longsword, a sword with a hilt that ends with claws on either side. It has been well kept, and the blade shone brightly, even though it has been years old. Chloe has kept this with her forever, which has given her a bit of respect in the view of others, but not enough to turns people’s opinions of her around.


Chloe Windstar is pretty cautious. She tends to take things at a very steady pace, and tends to prefer conversation first and fighting second. She takes any challenge presented to her head on, and sometimes doing that before evaluating the risks involved. She is very nervous about meeting new people, especially ones who are not of the standard races on the Prime Material Plane, as she is not explored much outside of her clan. She is very proud of her strength and her height, but still feels depressed a bit when people talk down about that. She is known to become very feral when provoked, a state in which she most scared to get into.

Physical Description

Wearing Scale Mail decorated with Earth tone colors. The forearms and hands are covered in cloth gauntlets. She wears two belts of bags, each one cocked on each side of her hip. A rope necklace with teeth of the beasts she has slain. Well-worn boots and cloth leggings are what comfort her. She has long hair that flows down to mid-thigh, and is in many locks and waves. She has hidden within her tiger-styled face the aspects or an elven heritage. She stands at a great height of 6’1”, slightly taller than her clan’s average. Her build is very muscular, but gives off an aura of nimbleness.

Chloe Windstar

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