Planescape: The Peace of Bones

The Word Sand Three Times Backwards

In which our heroes learn the importance of Endurance.

It seemed the parade of rats would never end. As the heroes were preparing to leave the lair, a girl approached. Her features, while mostly human, could be described as “rodentious”. However, instead of coming with tooth and claw, she came with business sense, and a plan. For a modest fee, the agents of the wererats would decipher the code in the journal. Weary and grateful for the respite, the party agreed. Refreshed, the party set out for the market ward to see if Eluvious, of Tivvum’s antiquities would hold any clues as to the nature of the portal key. As always, the market ward was full of activity. Girgir was sorely tempted by a nut log offered by a mezzoloth, but politely declined when he learned of it’s true nature. Some Crazy Guy was handing out massive amounts of pamphlets, each one containing a recipe for a portal. Diabolic and Fiendish recruiters were out and about talking to tieflings. Both vehemently denying the existence of a Cold Blood War. Eventually, the heroes made it to Tivvum’s antiquities. Inside, the shelves were filled with all manner of strange material; Portal keys to Mechanus, Odd metallic slush, crystalline eyeballs, and many others. Unfortunately, Eluvious did not know of the plane that the heroes wished to goto, but she did offer to scry on the portal in hopes of ascertaining a portal key via ritual. After a long discussion of various tactics, the group decided on watching Anxos’ front door. Once he left, they would enter, leave a few scrying eyes scattered about the room, and leave. However, once inside, Aldis, an Harmonium guard, arrived to arrest the group on charges of murder and vandalism. The charges could be settled by death, or by weregild. The group quickly chose weregild, and were given one week to come back with one thousand gold. Once the harmonium left, the group resumed their breaking and entering process. Once inside, the rather surprising renovations drove home the point that Anxos did not want guests. After a brief furniture reorganization, several scrying eyes were left behind. Eluvious was informed, and the group retired to the Great Foundry. At some point during the night, the wererats delivered the cipher key to Random’s room. Random and Girgir paid the remainder of the fee. In the morning, the party left Haq’s complaints about his mysteriously broken bed, to get to the Hall of information. Once there, the Bariaur who was staffing the Office of Portals, said that he didn’t have any records of the plane either. While the main body of the party returned to the Foundry to see if the journal had been deciphered, Girgir went barhopping. Examination of the journal revealed that the key was the phrase “The Word Sand Three Times Backwards.” Not “Dnas, Dnas, Dnas”, but “The Word Sand Three Times Backwards.” The Market ward held much of the same as before, except now there was an arrogant berk who declaimed that the pamphlets that the Crazy Guy was handing out were recipes to open a portal to the Far Realm. This was dismissed, as who could be truly insane enough to act out the instructions listed. The portal key was delivered to Eluvious, who offered one hundred gold to keep the information exclusive. Eluvious offered additional information in exchange for gold. Girgir decided to entertain the lady rather than pay. Several awkward hours later, the party would be alerted when Anxos left. Leaving Tivvum’s antiquities, chaos awaited, as the Crazy Guy stood amidst a ring of devastation, still handing out pamphlets. The trap control system in Anxos’ apartment fell to a mighty leap from Chloe. The heroes threw themselves into the portal, smartly using the mattress as a buffer. They came to on the endless blue sands. Wandering a while, they soon found a river. After a brief consultation, they were guided north, to an old, buried City in the Sand. While scouting they were assaulted by gremlins, warriors of the sand. After dispatching them, their eyes fixed on the distant sight of a campfire.



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